The golden anniversary of electric wave filters

  title={The golden anniversary of electric wave filters},
  author={Anatol I. Zverev},
  journal={IEEE Spectrum},
  • A. Zverev
  • Published 1 March 1966
  • Geology
  • IEEE Spectrum
In filter technology, the synthesis techniques of Cauer and Darlington, among others, have come into wide-spread use. With the swing to higher and higher frequencies, these techniques have enabled circuit designers to obtain high performance with coils of moderate Q in L-C circuits, with quartz resonators of high Q, and with mechanical and ceramic resonators with desirable qualities somewhere between those of L-C components and of quartz. 

Compatible EMI filters

A vexing problem in electromagnetic compatibility is the effective filtering of conducted interference from power-supply lines. Because of unavoidable and severe mismatch, conventional suppression

Inductorless filters: a survey II. Linear active and digital filters

In this two-part survey the author has attempted to review the main methods of inductorless filter design being pursued at the present time. These filters are of particular interest because they may

A history of crystal filters

  • R. Kinsman
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (Cat. No.98CH36165)
  • 1998
The first use of quartz crystals as filter elements was suggested by Waiter Cady in 1922 in his paper "The Piezo-Electric Resonator", although in the initial conception a single crystal only was used

Critical Load Protection from Transient Surges

Transients in electrical power systems at many installations are found to cause malfunctions in and damage to electronic equipment. Investigations to date indicate that harmful transients are

Some Theories and Discoveries

This chapter ties up a few loose ends. It aims to show how some of the theories and discoveries that helped shape modern electrical engineering were made. Not all the important theories or

Inventing the 'black box': mathematics as a neglected enabling technology in the history of communications engineering

A self-leveling tray or ice dispenser including a pair of opposed inner walls within a cavity, each wall having at least one post protruding inwardly into the cavity. A pair of removable shells is

Metatools for information engineering design

An examination of the professional practice of engineers in many disciplines reveals a history of engineers developing highly sophisticated tools to eliminate the need to ‘do mathematics’ in the

Simulation d’un filtre en technologie microruban

RésuméLe produit pédagogique présenté est un des travaux pratiques destinés aux élèves ingénieurs (quatrième année génie électrique) de l’INSA de Rennes. Il rentre dans le cadre d’une préréalisation

Mathematics as an enabling technology in the history of communications and control engineering

Systems ideas that originated with communications engineering were extended to other domains such as control engineering, and a highly significant synergetic rela tionship developed between the mathematical modelling of Systems and components, the design of instrumentation, the development of the analogue computer, and the designs of devices and Systems.