The glycocalyx and its significance in human medicine.

  title={The glycocalyx and its significance in human medicine.},
  author={J. M. Tarbell and Limary M. Cancel},
  journal={Journal of internal medicine},
  volume={280 1},
Cells are covered by a surface layer of glycans that is referred to as the 'glycocalyx'. In this review, we focus on the role of the glycocalyx in vascular diseases (atherosclerosis, stroke, hypertension, kidney disease and sepsis) and cancer. The glycocalyx and its principal glycosaminoglycans [heparan sulphate (HS) and hyaluronic acid (HA)] and core proteins (syndecans and glypicans) are degraded in vascular diseases, leading to a breakdown of the vascular permeability barrier, enhanced… CONTINUE READING
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