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The geometry of the Fisher selection dynamics

  title={The geometry of the Fisher selection dynamics},
  author={Alexander V. Shapovalov and E. V. Evdokimov},
  journal={arXiv: Biological Physics},
We study the Fisher model describing natural selection in a population with a diploid structure of a genome by differential- geometric methods. For the selection dynamics we introduce an affine connection which is shown to be the projectively Euclidean and the equiaffine one. The selection dynamics is reformulated similar to the motion of an effective particle moving along the geodesic lines in an 'effective external field' of a tensor type. An exact solution is found to the Fisher equations… 
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2 Virtual communities , patterns and trust : some stylized facts

  • 2007



The mathematical theory of communication

This commemorative reprinting of The Mathematical Theory of Communication, published originally as a paper on communication theory more than fifty years ago, is released.

Im pri nti ng the gam ete genom e: A m odelforthe chrom osom al basi sofcel ldi erenti ati on

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A Pri nci pl e of N atural Sel f-O rgani zati on (Spri nger-Verl ag

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A ne connecti on spaces

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H ydrodynam i c system s and thei r appl i cati ons

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Stabi l i ty ofBi ol ogi calassoci ati ons

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The M athem aticalTheory ofCom m unication ( Urbana Univ . ofIllinoisPress , 1949 ) . [ 12 ] RashevskiiP . K . Riem ann geom etry and tensor analysis

    Equi l i bri um and Stabi l i ty i n Popul ati on D ynam i cs M odel s (N auka

    • 1983