The geometry of physics : an introduction

  title={The geometry of physics : an introduction},
  author={Theodore Frankel},
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Principal Bundles and Gauge Theories
This set of lecture notes fills a hole that in the authors opinion currently exists in the available literature on (prequantum or first quantised) gauge theory: theoretical physics texts do lots of
Applied Differential Geometry ( A compendium )
  • Mathematics
The content of these notes is what "compendium" suggests: Not a tutorial, but a list, in logical order, of concepts of differential geometry that can serve in the study of PDE's of classical physics,
These are notes for a talk at Arlo Caine’s MPPM Lectures Series, University of Notre Dame. We survey through examples some of the basic problems, principles and results of calculus of variations.
Introduction to manifolds
The theory of manifolds is presented with the aim of helping the reader achieve a rapid mastery of the essential topics, and one of the most basic topological invariants of a manifold, its de Rham cohomology is computed.
The Poor Man ’ s Introduction to Tensors
When solving physical problems, one must often choose between writing formulas in a coordinate independent form or a form in which calculations are transparent. Tensors are important because they
Geometry Is the Common Thread in a Grand Unified Field Theory
The consequence of the wave-particle duality is a pointer to the fact that everything in the universe, including light and gravity, can be described in terms of particles. These particles have a
Quantization in Astrophysics, Brownian Motion, and Supersymmetry
The present book discusses, among other things, various quantization phenomena found in Astrophysics and some related issues including Brownian Motion. With recent discoveries of exoplanets in our
Wilson Lines as Static Charges
In 2011 Chien et al. introduced a method to calculate the cusp anomalous dimension for eikonal Wilson Lines at oneand two-loop order by viewing the Wilson lines as static charges in AdS space [1]. In
Towards An Approach to Hilbert's Sixth Problem: A Brief Review
In 1900 David Hilbert published his famous list of 23 problems. The sixth of them-the axiomatization of Physics-remains partially unsolved. In this work we will give a gentle introduction and a brief
Notes on Differential Geometry with special emphasis on surfaces in R 3
These notes are an attempt to summarize some of the key mathematical aspects of differential geometry, as they apply in particular to the geometry of surfaces in R. The focus is not on mathematical