The geometry of Schrödinger symmetry in non-relativistic CFT

  title={The geometry of Schr{\"o}dinger symmetry in non-relativistic CFT},
  author={Christian Duval and Mokhtar Hassaine and P. A. Horvathy},
  journal={Annals of Physics},

Emergent Schrödinger geometries from mass-deformed CFT

We study an M-theory solution for the holographic flow of AdS4 times Sasaki-Einstein 7-manifolds with skew-whiffing, perturbed by a mass operator. The infrared solution contains the5dimensional

Non-relativistic conformal symmetries in fluid mechanics

The symmetries of a free incompressible fluid span the Galilei group, augmented with independent dilations of space and time. When the fluid is compressible, the symmetry is enlarged to the expanded

Asymptotic symmetries of Schrodinger spacetimes

We discuss the asymptotic symmetry algebra of the Schrodinger -invariant metrics in d+3 dimensions and its realization on finite temperature solutions of gravity coupled to matter fields. These

Correlation Functions in Non-Relativistic Holography

Recently constructed gravity solutions with Schrodinger symmetry provide a new example of AdS/CFT-type dualities for the type of non-relativistic field theories relevant to certain cold atom systems.

Charged, conformal non-relativistic hydrodynamics

We embed a holographic model of an U(1) charged fluid with Galilean invariance in string theory and calculate its specific heat capacity and Prandtl number. Such theories are generated by a

Comments on Galilean conformal field theories and their geometric realization

We discuss non-relativistic conformal algebras generalizing the Schrödinger algebra. One instance of these algebras is a conformal, acceleration-extended, Galilei algebra, which arises also as a

A Schrödinger approach to Newton-Cartan and Hořava-Lifshitz gravities

A bstractWe define a ‘non-relativistic conformal method’, based on a Schrödinger algebra with critical exponent z = 2, as the non-relativistic version of the relativistic conformal method. An

Higher Spin Symmetries of the Free Schrödinger Equation

It is shown that the Schrodinger symmetry algebra of a free particle in spatial dimensions can be embedded into a representation of the higher spin algebra. The latter spans an infinite dimensional



Gravity duals for non-relativistic CFTs

We attempt to generalize the AdS/CFT correspondence to non-relativistic conformal field theories which are invariant under Galilean transformations. Such systems govern ultracold atoms at unitarity,

Toward an AdS/cold atoms correspondence: A Geometric realization of the Schrodinger symmetry

We discuss a realization of the nonrelativistic conformal group (the Schr\"odinger group) as the symmetry of a spacetime. We write down a toy model in which this geometry is a solution to field

AdS/CFT duality for non-relativistic field theory

We formulate a correspondence between non-relativistic conformal field theories (NRCFTs) in d?1 spatial dimensions and gravitational theories in AdSd+2 backgrounds with one compactified lightlike

Spinors in Non-relativistic Chern–Simons Electrodynamics

Abstract It is shown that the non-relativistic “Dirac” equation of Levy-Leblond, we used recently to describe a spin 1 2 field interacting non-relativistically with a Chern–Simons gauge field, can be

Comments on string theory backgrounds with non-relativistic conformal symmetry

We consider non-relativistic conformal quantum mechanical theories that arise by doing discrete light cone quantization of field theories. If the field theory has a gravity dual, then the conformal

Gravity duals for nonrelativistic conformal field theories.

This work attempts to generalize the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence to nonrelativistic conformal field theories which are invariant under Galilean transformations, and constructs a family of metrics which realize these symmetries as isometries.

Conformal non-relativistic hydrodynamics from gravity

We show that the recently constructed holographic duals of conformal non-relativistic theories behave hydrodynamically at long distances, and construct the gravitational dual of fluid flows in a

Classical and quantal nonrelativistic Chern-Simons theory.

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  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1990
The dynamical role of the Chern-Simons interaction is demonstrated: the interaction does not merely change statistics but also provides the forces that bind the classical solitons.