The geometry of Minkowski spaces — A survey. Part I

  title={The geometry of Minkowski spaces — A survey. Part I},
  author={Horst Martini and Konrad J. Swanepoel and Gunter Weiss},
  journal={Expositiones Mathematicae},
Isometries of Minkowski geometries
In this paper we review the transformations of a Minkowski n-space. We also prove some new results: we give the normal form of the adjoint abelian or isometric operators of a finite-dimensional real
Discrete Geometry in Minkowski Spaces
In this expository article we reflect some recent results from the geometry of real Banach (or normed) spaces in the spirit of Discrete Geometry. It is our goal to demonstrate that still today
On the Geometry of Simplices in Minkowski Spaces
Let T be a d-dimensional simplex in a d-dimensional real normed space (= Minkowski space). We introduce a special Minkowskian area-measure and Minkowskian trilinear coordinates with respect to T,
Geometry of Simplices in Minkowski Spaces
There are many problems and configurations in Euclidean geometry that were never extended to the framework of (normed or) finite dimensional real Banach spaces, although their original versions are
Orthogonality in Generalized Minkowski Spaces
We combine functional analytic and geometric viewpoints on approximate Birkhoff and isosceles orthogonality in generalized Minkowski spaces which are finite-dimensional vector spaces equipped with a
Geometry of Minkowski Planes and Spaces -- Selected Topics
The results presented in this dissertation refer to the geometry of Minkowski spaces, i.e., of real finite-dimensional Banach spaces. First we study geometric properties of radial projections of
Radial Projections of Bisectors in Minkowski Spaces
We study geometric properties of radial projections of bisectors in ¯nite- dimensional real Banach spaces (i.e., in Minkowski spaces), especially the relation between the geometric structure of
Differential geometry of spatial curves for gauges
We derive Frenet-type results and invariants of spatial curves immersed in 3-dimensional generalized Minkowski spaces, i.e., in linear spaces which satisfy all axioms of finite dimensional real
Some Special Curves in Normed Three Dimensional Space
In this paper, we consider the place of action is an affine 3-space endowed with a metric which is well known by a centrally symmetric, convex and smooth body B as a unit ball, such a space is called


n-dimensional area and content in Minkowski spaces
A definition of content in Minkowski spaces (of any finite dimension) is given which implies that the surface of the unit ball and that of the dual ball are equal. Various consequences of this
Introduction to Banach spaces and their geometry
The volume of convex bodies and Banach space geometry
Introduction 1. Notation and preliminary background 2. Gaussian variables. K-convexity 3. Ellipsoids 4. Dvoretzky's theorem 5. Entropy, approximation numbers, and Gaussian processes 6. Volume ratio
On closed curves in Minkowski spaces
This note answers some of the questions raised by H. Herda in [1]. Let M be a Minkowski (finite dimensional real Banach) space with unit ball B. Let y be a simple closed rectifiable curve in M. For x
Cardinalities of k-distance sets in Minkowski spaces
This work conjecture that a k-distance set in a d-dimensional Banach space, contains at most (k + 1) points, is solved in the affirmative for all 2-dimensional spaces and for spaces where the unit ball is a parallelotope.
On Bisectors in Minkowski Normed Spaces
We discuss the concept of the bisector of a segment in a Minkowski normed n-space, and prove that if the unit ball K of the space is strictly convex then all bisectors are topological images of a
On the self-length of two-dimensional Banach spaces
The aim of this paper is to prove the following result: if X is a 2-dimensional symmetric real Banach space, then its self-length is greater than or equal to 2π. Moreover, the minimum value 2π is
Geometry of Banach Spaces: Selected Topics
Support functionals for closed bounded convex subsets of a Banach space.- Convexity and differentiability of norms.- Uniformly convex and uniformly smooth Banach spaces.- The classical renorming
On the level sets of a distance function in a Minkowski space
Given a closed subset of an n-dimensional Minkowski space with a strictly convex or differentiable norm, then, for almost every r > 0, the r-level set (points whose distance from the closed set is r)
Excursions into Combinatorial Geometry
The book deals with the combinatorial geometry of convex bodies in finite-dimensional spaces. A general introduction to geometric convexity is followed by the investigation of d-convexity and