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The genus pararistolochia aristolochiaceae from tropical africa

  title={The genus pararistolochia aristolochiaceae from tropical africa},
  author={Odile Poncy},
  • O. Poncy
  • Published 29 January 1978
  • Biology
  • Adansonia
Aristolochia wuana, a New Name in Chinese Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae)
A new name is proposed to replace the later homonym Aristolochia macrocarpa C. Tao, which may be closely related to A. griffithii Hooker f.
Revision of the genus Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae) in Africa, Madagascar and adjacent islands
A taxonomic revision of the genus Aristolochia in Africa, Madagascar, the West African islands, the Comores and the Mascarenes is presented and three clades are revealed, supported by the molecular analysis of the trnL–F region.
Phylogeny of Aristolochiaceae based on parsimony, likelihood, and Bayesian analyses of trnL-trnF sequences
This study addresses the overall generic relationships in Aristolochiaceae and its position in Piperales based on dense taxon sampling and sequence data from the plastid trnL-F region and proposed two subfamilies, Asaroideae and Aristolchioideae, gain maximum statistical support.
Systematics and Evolution of Seed Plants
The main developments in systematics in the past two years have taken different directions. Firstly, the evolution of angiosperms documented by the combined fossil record of pollen and leaves led to