The genus Triphora (Triphoreae, Orchidaceae) in Colombia

  title={The genus Triphora (Triphoreae, Orchidaceae) in Colombia},
  author={Dariusz L Szlachetko and Przemysław Baranow and Joanna Mytnik-Ejsmont},
  journal={Biodiversity Research and Conservation},
  pages={1 - 5}
Abstract In Colombia, four species of Triphora (Orchidaceae) are recognized. Two species (Triphora galeanoi and T. vichadaensis) are newly described. As circumscribed here, the two new species occur exclusively in Colombia apart from T. foldatsii, being known from Colombia and Venezuela, and T. gentianoides, ranging from the USA (Florida) in the north to Colombia in the south. For the species treated, a taxonomic description, synonymy and information about distribution are provided… 

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Triphora uniflora (orchidaceae: Triphorcae): a new species and the first record of the genus Triphora nutt. for Sao Paulo state, brazil
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