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The genus Septoria Sacc. in Turkey

  title={The genus Septoria Sacc. in Turkey},
  author={Faruk Selçuk and Makbule Erdoğdu and Hasan Akg{\"u}l and Elşad H{\"u}seyin},
Septoria species from 72 host plants have been identified in Turkey so far. There can be distinguished different interrelations between Septoria species and their host plants. So there are indifferent relationships between Cercis siliquastrum and S. cercidis, Petroselinum sativum and S. petroselini, Apium graveolens and S. apiicola, Cannabis sativa and S. cannabis presented negative consortium relationship. On Lycopersicum esculentum in high degree develop S. lycopersici. Between components of… 

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Molecular approach to determine taxonomic status of Septoria sp. causing leaf blotch of Castanea sativa in Hyrcanian forests

The results indicated that the length of ITS region in the genus Septoria (extracted from GenBank) varied from 650 to 680 bp, and there were almost three times more variable sites in ITS1 than in ITS2.


A study of microfungi specimens collected on three species of Ulmus in Kastamonu Kure Mountains National Park in the 2005 and 2006 years finds that Xylotrophs (10) are richest in the number of species and dominant among the trophic groups.

Additions to the leaf pathogenic fungi of Turkey

Septoria ornithogali on living leaves of Ornithogalum sp. and Phyllosticta onosmae on living leaves of Onosma tauricum var. tauricum are reported as new to the mycota of Turkey. Distinguishing

Second record of Ramularia hypericicola - collected in Turkey on a new host.

Ramularia hypericicola, a rare anamorphic Mycosphaerella species, is reported and illustrated from Turkey on Hypericum calycinum. The Turkish collection represents the second report of this fungus,

A new species of Manoharachariella (hyphomycetes) from Central Anatolia, Turkey

Manoharachariella elsadii is described as a new species from Turkey. It differs from the two known species by possessing smaller conidia with fewer septa. In addition, it has shorter conidiophores

Kurtdüzü Sırtları (Bitlis) Ekosistemlerindeki Bazı Tohumlu Bitkiler Ve Bunların Mikrofungusları

Almost all of microfungi were identified were new for the region, and some of these species have shown that, in mutual relationship.

New records of Microfungi from Malatya province in Turkey

Pimpinella paucidentata V.A.Matthews üzerinde Pleospora lithophilae Gucevič, Galium mite Boiss. & Hohen. üzerinde Septoria cruciatae Roberge ex Desm. ve Asyneuma amplexicaule Hand.–Mazz. var.

Septoria Sacc. (Mycosphaerellales) Species Determined in Aladağlar and Bolkar Mountains (Turkey)

Mevcut calismada, Aladaglar ve Bolkar Daglari’ndan (Turkiye) 10 farkli konakci bitki uzerinden 9 Septoria turu belirlenmistir, yeni kayit olarak verilen turlere ait kisa tanimlamalar ile mikrofotograflari verilerek kisaca tartisilmistir.

A New Species Record For Turkey Mycobiota: Macrophoma strobi

Macrophoma strobi (Berk. & Broome) Berl. & Voglino, Pinus sylvestris L.’in dusen kozalak pullari uzerinde teshis edilmistir ve Turkiye mikobiyotasi icin yeni kayittir. Ornekler Ahi Evran


In this study which carried out on trees and shrubs in forest phytocoenose of Rize province, fifty-one microfungi species have been identified as new record for mycobiota of our country. Sixteen

First Report of Septoria Blight of Parsley Caused by Septoria petroselini in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey.

  • Ş. Kurt
  • Biology, Medicine
    Plant disease
  • 2003
Septoria blight of parsley was observed in approximately 500 ha of commercial parsley crops in Arsuz County, Hatay, in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey during December 2001 to March 2002, and the pathogen was identified as Septoria petroselini Desm.

A Study on The Microfungi of Sivas Province

In this article, the microfungi grown in Sivas province and their hosts are given and more than half of the species (115 species) belong to Basidiomycotina.

New records of microfungi for Turkey.

Fungi collected for the first time in Turkey were described and described with their collection sites.

Department of Botany.

I have great pleasure in forwarding herewith three co leg of the thesis entitled MPathological investi­ gations concerning decay of wood-tissue by certain fungi with reference to Chorea robust a

Illustrated Genera of Imperfect Fungi

Index en langue anglaise des principales maladies des plantes. Description des symptomes et des traitements.

Sylloge fungorum omnium hucusque cognitorum.

Material digitalizado en SEDICI gracias a la colaboracion del Instituto de Botanica "Dr. Carlos Spegazzini" (Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, UNLP).

Fungal diseases in pistachio trees in East-Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolian regions

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Fungi of Iran.