The genus Gothograptus (Graptolithina) from the Wenlock of Poland

  title={The genus Gothograptus (Graptolithina) from the Wenlock of Poland},
  author={Anna Kozłowska-Dawidziuk},
The Wenlockian retiolitid genus Gothograptus Frech, 1897 is here subdivided into subgenera Gothograptus (Gothographus) (Frech, 1987) and Gothograptus (Eisenackograptus ) subgen. n. which differ in the lateral wall structure. In Gothograptus (Gothograptus ), virgula in the middle of lateral wall sets in as early as in the proximal part; it is linked to the pleural lists by means of parietolateral lists. In Gothograptus (Eisenackograptus ), by contrast, the lateral wall consists of parietolateral… CONTINUE READING