The genus Elaphopsocus Roesler (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Psocidae) with six new species from Brazil and Colombia.

  title={The genus Elaphopsocus Roesler (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Psocidae) with six new species from Brazil and Colombia.},
  author={Cristian Rom{\'a}n-P and Ranulfo Gonz{\'a}lez Obando and Alfonso N. Garc{\'i}a Aldrete},
  volume={3957 2},
Six new species of Elaphopsocus Roesler from Brazil and Colombia are described and illustrated. Revised generic diagnoses are provided for Elaphopsocoides and Elaphopsocus; based on the structure of the male hypandrium and phallosome three species groups are recognized in Elaphopsocus. 
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