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The genus Dictyota (Dictyotaceae, Phaeophyta) from Indonesia in the herbarium Weber-van Bosse, including the description of Dictyota canaliculata spec. nov.

  title={The genus Dictyota (Dictyotaceae, Phaeophyta) from Indonesia in the herbarium Weber-van Bosse, including the description of Dictyota canaliculata spec. nov.},
  author={Olivier De Clerck and Eric Coppejans},
In the framework of a revision of the genus Dictyota J.V. Lamour. in the Indian Ocean, all specimens from Indonesia present in the herbarium Weber-van Bosse (L) were re-examined. This resulted in a total of 9 species, one species including two different growth forms. Our identifications differ substantially from those of Weber-van Bosse (1913). Specimens recorded as D. apiculata J. Agardh were re-identified as D. crispata J.V. Lamour., which is the correct name for D. bartayresiana sensu… 

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