The genus Aeromonas: A general approach.

  title={The genus Aeromonas: A general approach.},
  author={Rafael Bastos Gonçalves Pessoa and Weslley Felix de Oliveira and Diego Santa Clara Marques and Maria Tereza dos Santos Correia and Elba Ver{\^o}nica Matoso Maciel de Carvalho and Luana Cassandra Breitenbach Barroso Coelho},
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The genus Aeromonas comprises more than thirty Gram-negative bacterial species which mostly act as opportunistic microorganisms. These bacteria are distributed naturally in diverse aquatic ecosystems, where they are easily isolated from animals such as fish and crustaceans. A capacity for adaptation also makes Aeromonas able to colonize terrestrial environments and their inhabitants, so these microorganisms can be identified from different sources, such as soils, plants, fruits, vegetables… CONTINUE READING