The genotoxicity of acrylamide and glycidamide in big blue rats.

  title={The genotoxicity of acrylamide and glycidamide in big blue rats.},
  author={Nan Mei and Lea P. McDaniel and Vasily N. Dobrovolsky and Xiaoqing Q. Guo and Joseph G. Shaddock and Roberta A. Mittelstaedt and Mizuo Azuma and Sharon D Shelton and Lynda J. McGarrity and Daniel R. Doerge and Robert H. Heflich},
  journal={Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={115 2},
Acrylamide (AA), a mutagen and rodent carcinogen, recently has been detected in fried and baked starchy foods, a finding that has prompted renewed interest in its potential for toxicity in humans. In the present study, we exposed Big Blue rats to the equivalent of approximately 5 and 10 mg/kg body weight/day of AA or its epoxide metabolite glycidamide (GA) via the drinking water, an AA treatment regimen comparable to those used to produce cancer in rats. After 2 months of dosing, the rats were… CONTINUE READING