The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe

  title={The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe},
  author={V. Wood and R. Gwilliam and M.-A. Rajandream and M. Lyne and R. Lyne and A. Stewart and J. Sgouros and N. Peat and J. Hayles and S. Baker and D. Basham and S. Bowman and K. Brooks and D. Brown and S. Brown and T. Chillingworth and C. Churcher and M. Collins and R. Connor and A. Cronin and P. Davis and T. Feltwell and A. Fraser and S. Gentles and A. Goble and N. Hamlin and D. Harris and J. Hidalgo and G. Hodgson and S. Holroyd and T. Hornsby and S. Howarth and E. J. Huckle and S. Hunt and K. Jagels and K. James and L. Jones and M. Jones and S. Leather and S. Mcdonald and J. McLean and P. Mooney and S. Moule and K. Mungall and L. Murphy and D. Niblett and C. Odell and K. Oliver and S. O'neil and D. Pearson and M. Quail and E. Rabbinowitsch and K. Rutherford and S. Rutter and D. Saunders and K. Seeger and S. Sharp and J. Skelton and M. Simmonds and R. Squares and S. Squares and K. Stevens and K. Taylor and R. G. Taylor and A. Tivey and S. Walsh and T. Warren and S. Whitehead and J. Woodward and G. Volckaert and R. Aert and J. Robben and B. Grymonprez and I. Weltjens and E. Vanstreels and M. Rieger and M. Sch{\"a}fer and S. M{\"u}ller-Auer and C. Gabel and M. Fuchs and C. Fritzc and E. Holzer and D. Moestl and H. Hilbert and K. Borzym and I. Langer and A. Beck and H. Lehrach and R. Reinhardt and T. M. Pohl and P. Eger and W. Zimmermann and H. Wedler and R. Wambutt and B. Purnelle and A. Goffeau and E. Cadieu and S. Dréano and S. Gloux and V. Lelaure and S. Mottier and F. Galibert and S. Aves and Z. Xiang and C. Hunt and K. Moore and S. Hurst and M. Lucas and M. Rochet and C. Gaillardin and V. A. Tallada and A. Garzon and G. Thode and R. Daga and L. Cruzado and J. Jim{\'e}nez and M. Sanchez and F. Rey and J. Benito and A. Dominguez and J. Revuelta and S. Moreno and J. Armstrong and S. Forsburg and L. Cerrutti and T. Lowe and W. McCombie and I. Paulsen and J. Potashkin and G. V. Shpakovski and D. Ussery and B. Barrell and P. Nurse},
  • V. Wood, R. Gwilliam, +130 authors P. Nurse
  • Published 2002
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • We have sequenced and annotated the genome of fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe), which contains the smallest number of protein-coding genes yet recorded for a eukaryote: 4,824. The centromeres are between 35 and 110 kilobases (kb) and contain related repeats including a highly conserved 1.8-kb element. Regions upstream of genes are longer than in budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), possibly reflecting more-extended control regions. Some 43% of the genes contain introns, of which… CONTINUE READING
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