The genome sequence and structure of rice chromosome 1

  title={The genome sequence and structure of rice chromosome 1},
  author={Takuji Sasaki and Takashi Matsumoto and Kimiko Yamamoto and Katsumi Sakata and Tomoya Baba and Yuichi Katayose and Jianzhong Wu and Yoshihito Niimura and Zhukuan Cheng and Yoshiaki Nagamura and Baltazar A. Antonio and Hiroyuki Kanamori and Satomi Hosokawa and Masatoshi Masukawa and Koji Arikawa and Yoshino Chiden and Mika Hayashi and Masako Okamoto and Tsuyu Ando and Hiroyoshi Aoki and Kohei Arita and Masao Hamada and Chizuko Harada and Saori Hijishita and Mikiko Honda and Yoko Ichikawa and Atsuko Idonuma and Masumi Iijima and Michiko Ikeda and Maiko Ikeno and Sachie Ito and Tomoko Sezazake Ito and Yuichi Ito and Yukiyo Ito and Aki Iwabuchi and Kozue Kamiya and Wataru Karasawa and Satoshi Katagiri and Ari Kikuta and Noriko Kobayashi and Izumi Kono and Kayo Machita and Tomoko Maehara and Hiroshi Mizuno and Tatsumi Mizubayashi and Yoshiyuki Mukai and Hideki Nagasaki and Marina Nakashima and Yuko Nakama and Yumi Nakamichi and Mari Nakamura and Nobukazu Namiki and Manami Negishi and Isamu Ohta and Nozomi Ono and Shoko Saji and Kumiko Sakai and Michie Shibata and Takanori Shimokawa and Ayahiko Shomura and Jianyu Song and Yuka Takazaki and Kimihiro Terasawa and Kumiko Tsuji and Kazunori Waki and Harumi Yamagata and Hiroko Yamane and Shoji Yoshiki and Rie Yoshihara and Kazuko Yukawa and Huisun Zhong and Hisakazu Iwama and Toshinori Endo and Hidetaka Ito and J. H. Hahn and Ho-Il Kim and Moo-Young Eun and Masahiro Yano and Jiming Jiang and Takashi Gojobori},
The rice species Oryza sativa is considered to be a model plant because of its small genome size, extensive genetic map, relative ease of transformation and synteny with other cereal crops. Here we report the essentially complete sequence of chromosome 1, the longest chromosome in the rice genome. We summarize characteristics of the chromosome structure and the biological insight gained from the sequence. The analysis of 43.3 megabases (Mb) of non-overlapping sequence reveals 6,756 protein… CONTINUE READING
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