The genome of Theobroma cacao

  title={The genome of Theobroma cacao},
  author={X. Argout and J. Salse and J. Aury and M. Guiltinan and G. Droc and J. Gouzy and M. All{\`e}gre and C. Chaparro and Thierry Legavre and S. Maximova and Michael Abrouk and F. Murat and O. Fouet and J. Poulain and M. Ruiz and Yolande Roguet and M. Rodier-Goud and J. F. Barbosa-Neto and F. Sabot and D. Kudrna and J. S. Ammiraju and S. Schuster and J. Carlson and Erika Sallet and T. Schiex and A. Di{\'e}vart and M. Kramer and Laura Gelley and Z. Shi and A. B{\'e}rard and Christopher Viot and M. Boccara and A. M. Risterucci and V. Guignon and X. Sabau and M. Axtell and Z. Ma and Y. Zhang and S. Brown and M. Bourge and Wolfgang Golser and X. Song and D. Clement and R. Rivallan and M. Tahi and Joseph Moroh Akaza and Bertrand Pitollat and K. Gramacho and A. D'hont and D. Brunel and D. Infante and I. K{\'e}b{\'e} and P. Costet and R. Wing and W. McCombie and E. Guiderdoni and F. Qu{\'e}tier and O. Panaud and P. Wincker and S. Bocs and C. Lanaud},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
  • X. Argout, J. Salse, +58 authors C. Lanaud
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Genetics
  • We sequenced and assembled the draft genome of Theobroma cacao, an economically important tropical-fruit tree crop that is the source of chocolate. This assembly corresponds to 76% of the estimated genome size and contains almost all previously described genes, with 82% of these genes anchored on the 10 T. cacao chromosomes. Analysis of this sequence information highlighted specific expansion of some gene families during evolution, for example, flavonoid-related genes. It also provides a major… CONTINUE READING
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