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The genesis of Francis Glisson's philosophy of life

  title={The genesis of Francis Glisson's philosophy of life},
  author={Guido Giglioni},
What Ever Happened to Francis Glisson? Albrecht Haller and the Fate of Eighteenth-Century Irritability
The reasons behind the disappearance of Francis Glisson's theory of irritability during the eighteenth century are investigated and Albrecht Haller, a key role in this story, provides a less bewildering theory of irritation for the rising communities of experimental physiology. Expand
A Vitalism Ethos and the Chiropractic Health Care Paradigm.
  • J. Thornhill
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Journal of chiropractic humanities
  • 2020
The development of vitalism from its earliest Hellenistic form to that of a contemporary vitalism ethos and to propose the importance of vitalist in the philosophy of chiropractic and the chiropractor health care paradigm are described. Expand
Regulating Agents, Functional Interactions, and Stimulus-Reaction-Schemes: The Concept of “Organism” in the Organic System Theories of Stahl, Bordeu, and Barthez
A problem-based framework within which the concept of “organism” in the system theories of Georg Ernst Stahl, Théophile Bordeu, and Paul-Joseph Barthez is located, and the combination of three explanatory tools is investigated. Expand