The generator rank of C⁎-algebras

  title={The generator rank of C⁎-algebras},
  author={Hannes Thiel},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
  • Hannes Thiel
  • Published 24 October 2012
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Operator Algebras
The generator rank of subhomogeneous C*-algebras
We compute the generator rank of a subhomgeneous C*-algebra in terms of the covering dimension of the pieces of its primitive ideal space corresponding to irreducible representations of a fixed
Games on AF-algebras
. We analyze C ∗ -algebras, particularly AF-algebras, and their K 0 -groups in the context of the infinitary logic L ω 1 ω . Given two separable unital AF-algebras A and B , and considering their K 0
Generators in $\mathcal{Z}$-stable C*-algebras of real rank zero.
We show that every separable C*-algebra of real rank zero that tensorially absorbs the Jiang-Su algebra contains a dense set of generators. It follows that in every classifiable, simple, nuclear
Large Irredundant Sets in Operator Algebras
Abstract A subset ${\mathcal{X}}$ of a C*-algebra ${\mathcal{A}}$ is called irredundant if no $A\in {\mathcal{X}}$ belongs to the C*-subalgebra of ${\mathcal{A}}$ generated by ${\mathcal{X}}\setminus


C∗-algebras of real rank zero
Dimension and Stable Rank in the K‐Theory of C*‐Algebras
In topological K-theory, which can be viewed as the algebraic side of the theory of vector bundles, some of the interesting properties which one investigates are, for example, the conditions under
Inductive limits of projective $C$*-algebras
  • Hannes Thiel
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Noncommutative Geometry
  • 2020
We show that a separable C*-algebra is an inductive limits of projective C*-algebras if and only if it has trivial shape, that is, if it is shape equivalent to the zero C*-algebra. In particular,
Limits and C*-algebras of low rank or dimension
We explore various limit constructions for C*-algebras, such as composition series and inverse limits, in relation to the notions of real rank, stable rank, and extremal richness. We also consider
On the stable rank of simple C*-algebras
In [16] M. A. Rieffel introduced the notion of stable rank for C*-algebras. For A a unital C*-algebra the stable rank, denoted by sr(A), is the least integer n such that the set of n-tuples over A
The generator problem for Z-stable C*-algebras
The generator problem was posed by Kadison in 1967, and it remains open until today. We provide a solution for the class of C*-algebras absorbing the Jiang-Su algebra Z tensorially. More precisely,
Single generation and rank of C*-algebras
We mainly treat a separable C*-algebra A in this article. Let S be a subset of Asa. We call S a generator of A when any C*-subalgebra B of A containing S is equal to A, and we denote A = C∗(S). If S
Recursive subhomogeneous algebras
We introduce and characterize a particularly tractable class of unital type 1 C*-algebras with bounded dimension of irreducible representations. Algebras in this class are called recursive
Let A be a W*-algebra on separable Hubert space H. A is singly generated if there is an operator TeA such that A is the smallest W*algebra containing T. It has long been conjectured that every A is