The generalized slices of Hermitian K‐theory

  title={The generalized slices of Hermitian K‐theory},
  author={Tom Bachmann},
  journal={Journal of Topology},
  • Tom Bachmann
  • Published 5 October 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Topology
We compute the generalized slices (as defined by Spitzweck–Østvær) of the motivic spectrum KO (representing Hermitian K ‐theory) in terms of motivic cohomology and (a version of) generalized motivic cohomology, obtaining good agreement with the situation in classical topology and the results predicted by Markett–Schlichting. As an application, we compute the homotopy sheaves of (this version of) generalized motivic cohomology, which establishes a version of a conjecture of Morel. 

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