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The general biology of adult lampreys

  title={The general biology of adult lampreys},
  author={M. W. Hardisty and Ian C. Potter},

Mercury Testing of Sea Lamprey ( Petromyzon marinus ) Captured in Tributaries to Lake Superior during 2013-2014

Excerpted from: Moses SK, Polkinghorne CP, Mattes WP, Beesley KM. 2018. Spatial and ontogenetic variation in mercury in Lake Superior sea lamprey (Pertromyzon marinus). Bulletin of Environmental

Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus Biology and Management Across Their Native and Invasive Ranges: Promoting Conservation by Knowledge Transfer

The potential utility of using invasive fish populations to inform conservation practices in native ranges, and how pheromone research could further enhance fish conservation and monitoring are revealed are revealed.

Pheromone modulation of locomotor rhythmicity in adult female sea lamprey

Studies here provide a rare example of an exogenous stimuli on circadian locomotor production and add to the knowledge of sex pheromone influences on behavior, circadian timekeeping mechanisms, and locomotor activity and rhythm production in this species.

Filogeografia das Lampreias da Europa Ocidental: contributos para a compreensão dos seus padrões de especiação

This paper presents a meta-analysing of the phytochemical relationships between phosphorous, nitrogen, and phosphorus in a stream as well as some of the properties of these relationships as determined by a variety of methods.

Life cycle of the sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus: duration of and growth in the marine life stage

It is suggested that at least a portion of the sea lamprey population can reach adult size in 1 yr of hematophagous feeding, and a period between completion of metamorphosis and reproduction of 1.5 yr (18 to 20 mo).

Developmental anatomy of lampreys

Several features of early organogenesis, including the origin of the nephric duct, that need to be re‐examined with modern techniques are identified and will form the basis for future studies into the phylogenetic embryology of this interesting group of animals.

Extensive presence of serotonergic cells and fibers in the peripheral nervous system of lampreys

The extensive presence of serotonergic elements in the peripheral nervous system of lampreys suggests a close relationship with the organization of this system in invertebrate groups.

Proximate body composition of the larval, metamorphosing and downstream migrant stages in the life cycle of the Southern Hemisphere lamprey, Geotria australis

A comparison of the data on the proximate body composition in G. australis and holarctic lampreys shows that different strategies have been employed to accumulate large amounts of fat by the end of larval life and to utilize protein during metamorphosis.

Potential changes to the biology and challenges to the management of invasive sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus in the Laurentian Great Lakes due to climate change

It is suggested that Great Lakes sea lamprey may benefit from climate change with longer growing seasons, more rapid growth, and greater access to spawning habitat, but uncertainties remain about the future availability and suitability of larval habitats.

Ontogenetic Variation in Mercury in Lake Superior Basin Sea Lamprey ( Petromyzon marinus )

Mercury concentrations were measured in eggs, larvae, and adult spawning-phase sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) collected in tributaries of Lake Superior to investigate spatial and ontogenetic