The gene encoding the splicing factor SF2/ASF is a proto-oncogene

  title={The gene encoding the splicing factor SF2/ASF is a proto-oncogene},
  author={Rotem Karni and Elisa de Stanchina and Scott W Lowe and Rahul Sinha and David Mu and Adrian R. Krainer},
  journal={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
Alternative splicing modulates the expression of many oncogene and tumor-suppressor isoforms. We have tested whether some alternative splicing factors are involved in cancer. We found that the splicing factor SF2/ASF is upregulated in various human tumors, in part due to amplification of its gene, SFRS1. Moreover, slight overexpression of SF2/ASF is sufficient to transform immortal rodent fibroblasts, which form sarcomas in nude mice. We further show that SF2/ASF controls alternative splicing… CONTINUE READING
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