The gendered society

  title={The gendered society},
  author={Michael Kimmel},
  journal={Teaching Sociology},
  • M. Kimmel
  • Published 2001
  • Sociology
  • Teaching Sociology
Thoroughly updated throughout, the fourth edition of The Gendered Society explores current thinking about gender, both inside academia and in our everyday lives. Michael Kimmel challenges the claim that gender is limited to women's experiences--his compelling and balanced study of genderincludes both masculine and feminine perspectives. Part 1 examines the latest work in biology, anthropology, psychology, and sociology; Part 2 provides an original analysis of the gendered worlds of family… Expand
A Community Psychology of Men and Masculinity: Historical and Conceptual Review
The papers in this volume illustrate key themes of the historical and conceptual review through studies of adolescent and adult men as fathers, patients, partner abusers, support group participants and community members, and through examination of the impact of their gendered identities and behavior on health, well being, and justice. Expand
Feminism and the Invisible Fat Man
In this article we argue that the complex connections between gender and fatness have not been fully examined, particularly in so far as they relate to men. We consider the role of early feministExpand
Under Construction: Becoming Trans in Italy
In social systems based on sexual and gender dualism, the presence of gender liminal people (Roen, 2006), such as trans and intersexed persons, could represent a menace to the sexual and genderExpand
Gender inequality and restrictive gender norms: framing the challenges to health
This Series paper raises the parallel question of whether discrimination based on gender likewise becomes embodied, with negative consequences for health, as well as how gender-biased health research and health-care systems reinforce and reproduce gender inequalities, with serious implications for health. Expand
Femininity and Gender in Contemporary Chinese School Stories: The Case of Tomboy Dai An
School stories in contemporary China, which target a pre- and early-adolescent readership, frequently evoke representations of girlhood and boyhood in normative gender terms. The present articleExpand
Consuming Eroticism
This ethnographic study examines how women and men negotiate their public presentations and gender performances in the context of an adult novelty shop. Building on Goffman’s perspective ofExpand
Introduction: Masculinity and the Third Reich
IF this introduction to a special issue of Central European History (CEH) or any other collection of articles on Third Reich masculinity had been published twenty or twentyfive years ago, it wouldExpand
Considering that social identities such as gender, culture, race, age and class play a major role in constructing masculinity, this paper looks at how these intersect with the body and whatExpand
Gender bias in families and its clinical implications for women.
Several legacies from the girlhood experience of gender bias that may be associated with depression in women are identified: involvement in demeaning intimate relationships; self-doubt about competence in comparison with males; an isolating distrust of relationships; and the sacrifice of personal and relational development to serve parents and compensate for problematic brothers. Expand
Negotiating Sexualities: Magazine Representations of Sexualities and the Talk of Teen and Young Adult Readers
In response to contemporary moral and feminist criticisms regarding the hypothesised effect magazine discourses of sexuality have on readers, this thesis explores how six groups of adolescents andExpand