The gender gap in venture capital- progress, problems, and perspectives

  title={The gender gap in venture capital- progress, problems, and perspectives},
  author={Candida Brush and Patricia Gene Greene and Lakshmi Balachandra and Amy Elizabeth Davis},
  journal={Venture Capital},
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Abstract Financial capital is a critical resource for growing firms, yet women entrepreneurs received very small percent of the funding. This research updates earlier research by the Diana Project using a data base of all venture capital funded firms in the US. We compare funding in those firms led by men and women across stage, sector, state, region and outcomes. Results show women have made progress in attracting venture capital, although there is still a significant gender gap. A research… 

State of the Art Review Access to Venture Capital Amongst Female-led Firms

While the participation of women in entrepreneurship has increased in recent years, women’s access to venture capital (VC) has not moved at the same pace. The gender gap in VC funding persists, as is

Growth-oriented Women Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Raising Money

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The identification, access, and acquisition of financial resources are critical to the growth of any entrepreneurial venture. To perform better, growth-oriented women entrepreneurs need financial

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ABSTRACT This paper reviews the circumstances surrounding the launch of Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance in 1999. It highlights a number of significant changes in


This paper reviews the circumstances surrounding the launch of Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance in 1999. It highlights a number of significant changes in the

Can Equity Crowdfunding Mitigate the Gender Gap in Startup Finance?

  • E. McGuire
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    SSRN Electronic Journal
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It is well documented that firms led by females do not obtain capital investment at the same rate as males. Part of the reason behind this funding gap is gender-based differences in access to

Women entrepreneurs’ financing revisited: taking stock and looking forward

It is more than 10 years since the special issue on women and the financing of their entrepreneurial ventures (Leitch and Hill 2006) was published in this journal. At that time, the editors drew on...


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    Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research
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Managing funds for venturing into a new business is a very challenging task for women. The goal of the study is to recognize congenial sources from where they can easily get funds to start their

Gender and Firm Performance around the World: The Roles of Finance, Technology, and Labor

Using the World Bank Enterprise Survey (WBES) data from 2006-2017 on 130,000 firms in 130 countries across the globe, we document that women-led firms tend to underperform men-led firms. The main

Gender Match and the Gender Gap in Venture Capital Financing: Evidence from Shark Tank

IZA DP No. 14069 JANUARY 2021 Gender Match and the Gender Gap in Venture Capital Financing: Evidence from Shark Tank* Although the gender gap in entrepreneurs’ success rates to secure funding is



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Since the early 1980s, new ventures with high growth potential and large capital needs have found an ever-increasing pool of venture capital available to support their growth. However, the flow of

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We survey the literature on venture capital and institutions and present a case study comparing the development of the venture capital market in the US to Sweden. Our literature survey underscores

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This study investigates the possible funding gap for women–owned compared with men–owned new businesses. With longitudinal data from new businesses in Norway, gender differences in funding

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Access to equity capital is critical for the growth of businesses, especially for young companies, which lack the cash flows necessary to repay loans. To meet this need, a thriving venture capital

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Venture capital has emerged as an important intermediary in financial markets, providing capital to young high-technology firms that might have otherwise gone unfunded. Venture capitalists have

Leveraging entrepreneurship through private investments: does gender matter?

Using project data from a random sample of Phase II research awards from the National Institutes of Health SBIR program, we estimate the relative probability that woman-owned firms are able to

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The period since 1980 has seen the emergence of venture capital as an area of academic interest and research activity. This interest is merited given the importance of venture capital to economic

Women Entrepreneurs and Financial Capital

This work examines gender differences among Canadian small and medium enterprise (SME) owners seeking external financing, including commercial debt, leasing, supplier financing, and equity capital