The gastric HK-ATPase: structure, function, and inhibition

  title={The gastric HK-ATPase: structure, function, and inhibition},
  author={Jai Moo Shin and Keith Munson and Olga Vagin and George Sachs},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology},
The gastric H,K-ATPase, a member of the P2-type ATPase family, is the integral membrane protein responsible for gastric acid secretion. It is an α,β-heterodimeric enzyme that exchanges cytoplasmic hydronium with extracellular potassium. The catalytic α subunit has ten transmembrane segments with a cluster of intramembranal carboxylic amino acids located in the middle of the transmembrane segments TM4, TM5,TM6, and TM8. Comparison to the known structure of the SERCA pump, mutagenesis, and… CONTINUE READING
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