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The gardeners dictionary

  title={The gardeners dictionary},
  author={Philip Miller and William Thomas Stearn},
Revision of the Infrageneric Classification of Lobelia L. (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae)
The infrageneric classification of the cosmopolitan genus Lobelia L. (Campanulaceae) is revised via synthesis of diverse phenotypic data and Monopsis Salisb.
Synoptic overview of Acacia sensu lato (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) in East and Southeast Asia
Recent research shows that the formerly broadly circumscribed, pantropical genus Acacia Mill. (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) is polyphyletic and should be treated as comprising at least five genera,
The Duchess of Beaufort's Succulent Plants
The succulents depicted in two unpublished folio volumes of water colour paintings of plants cultivated by the Duchess of Beaufort at Badminton during the late 1600s and early 1700s are given.
A Review on the Main Phytoconstituents, Traditional Uses, Inventions, and Patent Literature of Gum Arabic Emphasizing Acacia seyal
Acacia seyal is an important source of gum Arabic. The availability, traditional, medicinal, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and cosmetic applications of gum acacia have pronounced its high economic
The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences of Eight Fagopyrum Species: Insights Into Genome Evolution and Phylogenetic Relationships
Plinetic analysis based on the chloroplast-based phylogenetic tree strongly supported the division of eight Fagopyrum species into two independent evolutionary directions, suggesting that the separation of cymosum group and urophyllum group may be earlier than the flower type differentiation in Fagipyrum plants.
Ornamental potential of the coastal plant Lapiedra martinezii Lag. (Amaryllidaceae): the role of its revalorization in xero-gardening and ex-situ conservation
Lapiedra martinezii Lag. (Amaryllidaceae) is an autumn-flowering geophyte that grows in coastal and sublittoral environments. The interests on this species has come out during the last decades due to
Taxonomic resurrection of Muscari wallii (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae)
The taxonomic status of Muscari wallii, considered as a synonym ofMuscari tenuiflorum in previous studies, is re-evaluated based on morphological and chorological studies and it is discussed that M. wallii differs mainly by its seed characteristics, posture of pedicels of sterile flowers at maturity and bulb shape from both taxa.
Rubi Capenses: a further contribution to the knowledge of the genus Rubus (Rosaceae) in South Africa
This article is aimed to provide a solid base for future research in Rubus in South Africa. Even if a different classification using a broader species concept will be adopted later, this contribution
Richard Bradley’s A Short Historical Account of Coffee (1715) and The Virtue and Use of Coffee (1721)
Richard Bradley published A Short Historical Account of Coffee in 1715, an extremely rare book of which only three copies are known. A revised version of the book, entitled The Virtue and Use of
Senna pluribracteata (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae), a New Species from Paraíba State, Brazil, with Notes on Leaf Anatomy
Abstract A new species of the genus Senna from the Atlantic Forest of Paraíba State, Brazil, is described and illustrated based on a field collection, traditional taxonomic methodologies, and the