The game of go as a complex network

  title={The game of go as a complex network},
  author={Bertrand Georgeot and Olivier Giraud},
  journal={EPL (Europhysics Letters)},
We study the game of go from a complex network perspective. We construct a directed network using a suitable definition of tactical moves including local patterns, and study this network for different datasets of professional and amateur games. The move distribution follows Zipf's law and the network is scale free, with statistical peculiarities different from other real directed networks, such as, e.g., the World Wide Web. These specificities reflect in the outcome of ranking algorithms… 

Move ordering and communities in complex networks describing the game of go

This work constructs three different directed networks of increasing complexity, defining nodes as local patterns on plaquettes of increasing sizes, and links as actual successions of these patterns in databases of real games.

Application of the Google matrix methods for characterization of directed networks

These applications show how the information brought by the PageRank can be useful in various situations to gain some interesting or original insight about the studied system and how it is helping to understand the organization of the underlying directed network.

Anatomizing the Elo transfer network of Weiqi players

The directed and undirected Elo transfer networks are constructed using over 80,000 Weiqi game records from 1941 to 2019 and are unveiled to possess significant communities, which are consistent with each other and can be well interpreted by player’s affiliation, gender, and Elo value.

Google matrix analysis of directed networks

This review describes the Google matrix analysis of directed complex networks demonstrating its efficiency on various examples including World Wide Web, Wikipedia, software architecture, world trade, social and citation networks, brain neural networks, DNA sequences and Ulam networks.

Go game formal revealing by Ising model

This work model the Go dynamics in a game by means of the Ising model whose interaction coefficients reflect essential rules and tactics employed in Go to build long-term strategies.

Harmonic structures of Beethoven quartets: a complex network approach

From a database of Beethoven’s string quartets, a directed network is constructed whose nodes are musical chords and edges connect chords following each other, which opens the way to a network approach of structural properties of tonal harmony.

Weiqi games as a tree: Zipf's law of openings and beyond

Weiqi is one of the most complex board games played by two persons. The placement strategies adopted by Weiqi players are often used to analog the philosophy of human wars. Contrary to the western

Resilience of antagonistic networks with regard to the effects of initial failures and degree-degree correlations.

The model may have relevance to ecological systems that are composed of endangered species and invaders, the former of which are damaged by the latter whereas the latter are exterminated in the areas where the former are active.

Super User Influence Detection Algorithm in Microblog Networks

A method of identifying the super users, called User Influence Detection Algorithm Based on Micro-blog's Spreading Cascade, referred to as UISC Algorithm is proposed and experimental results show that the UISC outperforms other methods the authors compared.

Solving a Mathematical Problem in Square War: a Go-like Board Game

  • Chu Luo
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2015
The game definition of Square War is similar to the classic Chinese board game Go and it is shown that the problem can be solved by using a method of mixed mathematics and computer science.



Evolution of networks

The recent rapid progress in the statistical physics of evolving networks is reviewed, and how growing networks self-organize into scale-free structures is discussed, and the role of the mechanism of preferential linking is investigated.

Google matrix of the world trade network

The study establishes the existence of two solid state like domains of rich and poor countries which remain stable in time, while the majority of countries are shown to be in a gas like phase with strong rank fluctuations.

Google's PageRank and Beyond

This talk will survey some of the concepts that have revolutionized Web search to the extent that it has been charged in Federal Court with driving the direction of commerce on the Internet.

Towards physical laws for software architecture

The methods developed for the classification of information on the World-Wide-Web are applied to study the organization of Open Source programs in an attempt to establish the statistical laws governing software architecture.

New math

The venerable math programs Maple and Mathematica long ago outgrew pure math to include numerical and symbolic math, graphics, document preparation, and more. Maplesoft and Wolfram have each recently

Combinatorics of Go

An asymptotic formula for L(m, n), the number of legal positions on an m × n board, and a dynamic programming algorithm which computes L(n, n) in time O(m3n2λm) and space O( mλm), for some constant λ < 5.4.

Proc. of the 18th BeNeLux Conf. on Artificial Intelligence

  • Proc. of the 18th BeNeLux Conf. on Artificial Intelligence
  • 2006