The galaxy correlation function as a constraint on galaxy formation physics

  title={The galaxy correlation function as a constraint on galaxy formation physics},
  author={Marcel P. van Daalen and Bruno M. B. Henriques and Ra{\'u}l E. Angulo and Simon D. M. White Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics and Leiden Observatory and Leiden University and Department of Physics Astronomy and Uc Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Centro de Estudios de F'isica del Cosmos de Arag'on},
We introduce methods which allow observed galaxy clustering to be used together with observed luminosity or stellar mass functions to constrain the physics of galaxy formation. We show how the projected two-point correlation function of galaxies in a large semi-analytic simulation can be estimated to better than ~10% using only a very small subsample of the subhalo merger trees. This allows measured correlations to be used as constraints in a Monte Carlo Markov Chain exploration of the… CONTINUE READING

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