The future of consumer data protection in the E.U. Re-thinking the "notice and consent" paradigm in the new era of predictive analytics

  title={The future of consumer data protection in the E.U. Re-thinking the "notice and consent" paradigm in the new era of predictive analytics},
  author={Alessandro Mantelero},
  journal={Comput. Law Secur. Rev.},
The Failure of Control Rights in the Big Data Era: Does a Holistic Approach Offer a Solution?
In the big-data era the increasing, ubiquitous processing of personal data dilutes data protection rights and limits individual control over data. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was
The information/guarantees balance: protecting informational privacy interests within the European data protection framework
This thesis asserts that data protection is moving towards an approach having the protection of informational privacy as its core goal, protecting it through a balance between Information and Guarantees binding that Information.
Data protection in a big data society. Ideas for a future regulation
Protecting Individuals Against the Negative Impact of Big Data: Potential and Limitations of the Privacy and Data Protection Law Approach
It is concluded that to protect individuals’ rights and freedoms, the only way to resolve the problems arising from big data is an integrated approach that consists of legal solutions that complement each other, and reflects the multi-faceted nature of the problem at hand.
From Dataveillance to Data Economy: Firm View on Data Protection
The findings from the analysis of survey data show that big data and data protection support each other, but also that some frictions can emerge around data collection and data fusion.
Privacy self-management and the issue of privacy externalities: of thwarted expectations, and harmful exploitation
  • S. Brouwer
  • Computer Science
    Internet Policy Rev.
  • 2020
This article argues that the self-management of one's privacy is impossible due to privacy externalities, and offers two promising paths to address it-better enforcing the principle of data protection by design and by default, and relying on the framework of joint controllership.
Brief Overview of the Legal Instruments and Restrictions for Sharing Data While Complying with the EU Data Protection Law
The aim of this paper is to briefly analyze solutions adopted by stakeholders under the EU data protection legal framework.
What Do We Know About Our Rights to Data Protection? A Greek Case Study
This research explores a group of Greek data subjects’ knowledge about their rights and the rights-related behavior showing that, one year after the implementation of GDPR, they are not yet fully aware of all their Rights and in some cases they do not know how to exercise these rights.


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