The future of EU tort law

  title={The future of EU tort law},
  author={Paula Giliker},
This Research Handbook has highlighted the diversity and breadth of European Union (EU) tort law. When we think of EU tort law, we think of sources of EU law, be they primary or secondary legislation or decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which have given individual EU citizens the right to sue for compensation primarily in their own national courts for wrongs committed against them. In the first part of the book, the contributors to this volume have identified… 



European Legal Systems are not Converging

  • P. Legrand
  • Law
    International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 1996
Since the late 1940s, economic considerations relating to the globalisation of world markets have led an ever larger group of Western European countries to unite in the quest for a supra-national

European legal cultures

Part One Common traditions: historical regions of Europe foundations of European legal culture conceptualization compared - civil law and common law immutability of rules and principles of legal

Using the Concept of Legal Culture

Forthcoming in the Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 2004 USING THE CONCEPT OF LEGAL CULTURE David Nelken * 1.The Meaning of Legal Culture Legal culture, in its most general sense, is one way of

Cultures of Tort Law in Europe

This article provides a short introduction to the present special issue of the Journal of European Tort Law, which critically investigates the cultures of tort law in four selected national or

Legal Irritants: How Unifying Law Ends up in New Divergences

Legal irritant explains the transfer of legal rules from one country to another better than legal transplant. When a foreign rule is imposed on a domestic culture, it is not transplanted into another

Against a European Civil Code

I propose to heed Nietzsche's advice: 'Handle deep problems like cold baths: quickly into them and quickly out of them.'2 The 'deep problem' I wish to address here concerns European legal

Drukteiniené and Loreta Saltinyté, ‘Lithuania

  • European Tort Law 2015 (De Gruyter, Berlin 2016) Nos 4 ff and 56 ff
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