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The fungus gnats (Dipetra, bolitophiliade, keroplatidae and myctophilidae) of the monegros region (Zaragoza, Spain) and five other new european species of pyratula Edwards and sciophila meigen

  title={The fungus gnats (Dipetra, bolitophiliade, keroplatidae and myctophilidae) of the monegros region (Zaragoza, Spain) and five other new european species of pyratula Edwards and sciophila meigen},
  author={Javier Blasco Zumeta and Peter J. Chandler},
A list is provided of the 53 species of these families recorded during a survey of the Monegros region. Six of these species are described as new (Macrorrhyncha gallica, Pyratula ebroensis, Boletina augusta, Sciophila iberolutea, Cordyla monegrensis, Pseudexechia latevittata). Five species from elsewhere in Europe, belonging to the same species groups as two of the Monegros species are also described as new (Pyratula alpicola, P. subcanariae, P. takkae, Sciophila corlutea, S. delphis) to put… 
The fungus gnat fauna of Sardinia is reviewed and data presented for all species recorded, with four species of Keroplatidae and 19 species of Mycetophilidae are new to the total Italian fauna.
A contribution towards checklist of fungus gnats (Diptera, Diadocidiidae, Ditomyiidae, Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Mycetophilidae) in Georgia, Transcaucasia
The estimated diversity of fungus gnats in Georgia is calculated using non-parametric methods and discussed with respect to other Western Palaearctic regions.
Two new species of Macrorrhyncha Winnertz (Diptera: Keroplatidae) from Turkey, with redescription of Macrorrhyncha thracica Bechev, stat. n. and a key to the Western Palaearctic species of the genus
Two new species from southwest Asiatic Turkey are described and Macrorrhyncha geranias thracica BECHEV is raised to species level based on the study of type material, and the number of the Palaearctic species increases to twenty five.
The genus Pseudexechia Tuomikoski re-characterized, with a review of European species (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)
The genus Pseudexechia Tuomikoski is re-characterized and described, including a thorough morphological study of the male and female terminalia, providing homology assessment of the various parts and
On the genus Urytalpa Edwards (Diptera: Keroplatidae) in the Nordic and Nearctic regions, with fixation of a new type species and a key to world males
The five Nordic species of the genus Urytalpa Edwards are revised, of which one species, UryTalpa galdes Hedmark & Kjaerandsen, sp.
Five new Palaearctic species of Docosia (Diptera: Mycetophilidae), with updated molecular phylogeny of the genus
A new phylogenetic hypothesis is proposed for the relationships among the species within the genus Docosia Winnertz, 1863, based on a combined analysis of five DNA markers (28S, ITS2, COI, COII and
Three new species of the genus Macrorrhyncha Winnertz in Japan, with redescription of M. ezoensis (Okada) (Diptera: Keroplatidae)
The species of Macrorrhyncha resemble a part of Neoplatyura Malloch, 1928 in general features, although the former are characterized by the elongated mouthparts and gonocoxites that are linked to each other by a ventral bridge, often with dorsal and inner processes.
Catalogue of the Diptera (Insecta) of Morocco— an annotated checklist, with distributions and a bibliography
The faunistic knowledge of the Diptera of Morocco recorded from 1787 to 2021 is summarized and updated in this first catalogue of Moroccan Diptera species. A total of 3057 species, classified into
Palaearctic species of the Boletina nitida-group (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) including the description of a new species
An identification key for the nine species of the Boletina nitida-group currently known from the Palaearctic region, based mainly on the male genitalia and new distribution data are provided.
New taxonomic and faunistic records of fungus gnats (Insecta, Diptera) from Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia
A mycetophilid species, Trichonta comis Gagné, 1981, is redescribed and a key is provided for the separation of European Boletina trivittata (Meigen, 1818)-group species.


New and remarkable species of Mycetophiloidea (Diptera, Nematocera) from the Mediterranean region
Descriptions of adult males of six new species of the superfamily Mycetophiloidea (Diptera, Nematocera) from the Mediterranean region are presented: Orfeliapersimilis, spec. nov. (family
New Sciarid flies (Diptera, Sciaridae) from the Monegros region (Zaragoza, Spain)
Nine new species of Sciaridae belonging to the genera Corynoptera (C. disporata, C. contusa, Epidapus, E. gracillimus) and Bradysia are described from the Monegros region (Zaragoza, Spain).
A contribution to a revision of the genus Azana Walker, 1856 (Insecta: Diptera: Mycetophilidae: Sciophilinae)
The prcsc~it study reviews 9 species of the genus A~trnrr including one I'ossil specics and describes two new Palacarctic spccics, one of which is not likely that it is one of the new species described below.
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