The functional domains of the murine Thy-1 gene promoter.


The Thy-1 gene promoter resembles a "housekeeping" promoter in that it is located within a methylation-free island, lacks a canonical TATA box, and displays heterogeneity in the 5'-end termini of the mRNA. Using transgenic mice, we show that this promoter does not confer any tissue specificity and is active only in a position-dependent manner. It can only… (More)


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@article{Spanopoulou1991TheFD, title={The functional domains of the murine Thy-1 gene promoter.}, author={Eugenia Spanopoulou and Vincent Gigu{\`e}re and Frank G. Grosveld}, journal={Molecular and cellular biology}, year={1991}, volume={11 4}, pages={2216-28} }