The function of the variation in the breast stripe of the great tit (<ce:italic>Parus major</ce:italic>)

  title={The function of the variation in the breast stripe of the great tit (<ce:italic>Parus major</ce:italic>)},
  author={Torbj{\"o}rn J{\"a}rvi and Morten Bakken},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
Many winter flocking bird species possess a plumoge colour polymorphism. Two hypotheses have been proposed to explain the function of this variability in plumage structure: the signalling of (1) individual identity (IRH), or (2) social status (SSH). These two hypotheses were tested on winter flocking great tits, a species showing intraspecific variation in its breast stripe plumage. The SSH was considered the most probable, because a close correlation between social status and breast stripe… CONTINUE READING
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