The function of fetal/neonatal rapid eye movement sleep.

  title={The function of fetal/neonatal rapid eye movement sleep.},
  author={Majid Mirmiran},
  journal={Behavioural brain research},
  volume={69 1-2},
The hypothesis is put forward that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep in early life serves as (1) an indicator for the degree of brain maturation and (2) the promoter of further brain development. This hypothesis, although not exclusive, differs (a) from the theory of Roffwarg et al. that REM sleep substitutes for 'wakefulness' during the period (early life) in which wakefulness is limited, (b) from the theory of Crick and Mitchson, i.e., the 'unlearning' hypothesis of REM sleep, (c) from the… CONTINUE READING
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