The fruit of the date palm: its possible use as the best food for the future?

  title={The fruit of the date palm: its possible use as the best food for the future?},
  author={Walid Al-shahib and Richard J. Marshall},
  journal={International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition},
  pages={247 - 259}
The fruits (dates) of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) contain a high percentage of carbohydrate (total sugars, 44-88%), fat (0.2-0.5%), 15 salts and minerals, protein (2.3-5.6%), vitamins and a high percentage of dietary fibre (6.4-11.5%). The flesh of dates contains 0.2-0.5% oil, whereas the seed contains 7.7-9.7% oil. The weight of the seed is 5.6-14.2% of the date. The fatty acids occur in both flesh and seed as a range of saturated and unsaturated acids, the seeds containing 14 types… Expand
Nutritional Analysis of Date Fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Perspective of Bangladesh
Present study reveals a thorough investigation of nutritional values of three different varieties (Trounja, Lagou, Gounda) of Tunisian dates available in Bangladeshi local markets. Moisture and totalExpand
Biochemical and Nutritional Characterizations of Date Palm Fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
The date (Phoenix dactylifera L.), a high-energy fruit, is regarded as a popular food commodity for thousands of years in Egypt, the Arabian Gulf peninsula and its neighboring region and it provides unique functional and nutritional values. Expand
Effect of Substitution of Sucrose with Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)Fruit on Quality of Bread
The substitution of sucrose with date palm fruit pulp powder increased the nutritional value of the bread samples, and the sensory analysis revealed that all the loaf samples were acceptable organoleptically. Expand
Common date palm in Tunisia: chemical composition of pulp and pits
Summary Date pulp and seeds (Phoenix dactylifera L.) of a mixture of some mature common varieties called ‘Khalti’, from the South-Eastern region of Tunisia, were evaluated for their main chemicalExpand
Potential of date seeds as a functional food components
The aim of this study was to determine proximate compositions, dietary fiber contents, technological properties and bile acid binding capacity of the date seeds of three cultivars (Safawi, Suhgai,Expand
Nutritional composition of fruit of four date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)cultivars grown in Haryana, India
The present investigation was conducted to evaluate the nutrient composition of four varieties of date fruit and indicated that the variety Shamran had highest protein content and the variety Medjool the lowest, while the variety Khadrawi had the highest amount of starch content. Expand
Analysis of Antioxidants and Nutritional Assessment of Date Palm Fruits
Considering the detailed information on nutritional and health promoting components, dates are deliberated as an ideal supplement, providing a wide range of essential nutrients and potential health benefit to mankind. Expand
Nutritional and Functional Properties of Dates: A Review
This review article provides information on the nutritional and functional constituents of dates (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and their seeds from over 80 references. Date flesh is found to be low in fatExpand
Nutritional assessment, phytochemical composition and antioxidant analysis of the pulp and seed of medjool date grown in Mexico
The results obtained in this study confirm that the ‘Medjool’ cultivar grown in Mexico has the same quality of nutrients and antioxidants as those grown in the other main date-producing countries. Expand
Date seed and date seed oil
The antioxidant content in date seed oil (DSO) was found to be comparable with olive oil, which can be as a good source of antioxidant in order to fulfill the consumers demand. Expand


Fatty acid content of the seeds from 14 varieties of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.
The uses of dates seeds, which are currently only used for animal feed, is assessed with suggestions for potential uses as sources of edible oils and pharmaceuticals. Expand
Chemical composition of seeds of date fruit cultivars of United Arab Emirates
Date seeds from five cultivars at kimri stage (fully mature fruit, but still having green colour) of maturity grown in the United Arab Emirates were analyzed for proximate, amino acid and mineralExpand
The chemical analysis of fruits from twelve varieties of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) which are widely consumed in the United Arab Emirates was undertaken, and figures showed that glucose andExpand
Biochemical changes in some tropical fruits during ripening
Abstract Changes during ripening in alcohol-insoluble solids (AIS) and dietary fibres of mango, guava, date, and strawberry as tropical fruit are described. The activities of various degradativeExpand
Dietary assessment instruments for preschool children: reliability of parental responses to the 24-hour recall and a food frequency questionnaire.
The recall may prove to be a useful tool in the assessment of day-to-day variations in macronutrient intakes, and if validation studies are successful, the FFQ may be useful in epidemiological studies of preschoolers' intakes over extended periods. Expand
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