The frontal organ of a triclad flatworm, Dugesia lugubris


In an examination of the ultrastructure of the anteromedian portion of the head of Dugesia lugubris we demonstrated a frontal glandulo-muscular organ which consists of a voluminous glandular complex with three types of secretory cells and a well-developed musculature derived from the sub-epidermal fibers. The presence of neurosecretory cells, free nerve endings and single axons with sensitive cilia at the apex is characteristic. The last of these ultrastructural observations, together with functional tests, lead us to believe that the frontal organ possesses a marked chemosensitivity. The nature and structure of this organ are compared with the glandulo-muscular organ described in other Tricladida paludicola, thus contributing toward their much-debated classification.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00217565

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