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The frog model on Galton-Watson trees

  title={The frog model on Galton-Watson trees},
  author={M. Michelen and Josh Rosenberg},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
We consider an interacting particle system on trees known as the frog model: initially, a single active particle begins at the root and i.i.d. $\mathrm{Poiss}(\lambda)$ many inactive particles are placed at each non-root vertex. Active particles perform discrete time simple random walk and activate the inactive particles they encounter. We show that for Galton-Watson trees with offspring distributions $Z$ satisfying $\mathbf{P}(Z \geq 2) = 1$ and $\mathbf{E}[Z^{4 + \epsilon}] 0$, there is a… Expand
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