The frequency of skin test reactions to side-chain penicillin determinants.

  title={The frequency of skin test reactions to side-chain penicillin determinants.},
  author={F Silviu-Dan and Scott E. McPhillips and Richard John Warrington},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={91 3},
BACKGROUND Skin testing for immediate hypersensitivity to penicillins is usually carried out with reagents prepared from benzylpenicillin, and it is believed that side-chain-specific reactions to semisynthetic derivatives are rare. Because some experimental and clinical data suggest that antibodies can be induced to immunogenic epitopes on the side chains of penicillins, we looked for side-chain-specific reactions to skin testing in patients with a history of allergy to penicillins or… CONTINUE READING


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