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The free element condition and cyclic versus noncyclic stress

  title={The free element condition and cyclic versus noncyclic stress},
  author={Morris Halle and Michael J. Kenstowicz},
  journal={Linguistic Inquiry},


This paper presents an alternative analysis which provides a natural account of the stress patterns of the words in question, resolving all problems found in H & V's "stress domain" analysis.

English stress preservation and Stratal Optimality Theory

On the nonuniformity of weight-to-stress and stress preservation effects in English *

unstressed, and one with a full vowel is stressed, modulo the effects of word-finality (see Burzio 1994 for another stance). I will not discuss finer distinctions between levels of stress than

The computation of prosody

Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1992.

Secondary stress in contemporary British English: An overview

Cet article presente une revue de la litterature sur la nature et le placement de l’accent secondaire en anglais ainsi que des resultats d’etudes recentes utilisant des donnees dictionnairiques, qui

Weight gradience and stress in Portuguese*

This paper examines the role of weight in stress assignment in the Portuguese lexicon, and proposes a probabilistic approach to stress. I show that weight effects are gradient, and weaken

The architecture of grammar and the division of labor in exponence

This chapter discusses modes of interaction between the lexicon and the grammar, and the role of token frequency in the emergence of stem-level cyclicity in Bloomfield's lexicon.

Non-uniformity in English secondary stress: the role of ranked and lexically specific constraints

The principles determining secondary stress placement in English display considerable non-uniformity (Prince 1993) in their application. While in some contexts a syllable will be stressed if it is

A restrictive, parsimonious theory of footing in directional Harmonic Serialism

Abstract This paper develops a theory of footing in Harmonic Serialism (HS; Prince & Smolensky 1993/2004; McCarthy 2000, 2016) where Con contains only directionally evaluated constraints (Eisner

Layered feet and syllable-integrity violations: The case of Copperbelt Bemba bounded tone spread

We identify evidence supporting two amendments to standard metrical theory: the inclusion of layered feet, and the allowance of syllable-integrity violations, where a foot parses some, but not all,



Secondary stress in Italian

Greek accent: a case for preserving structure.

Etude du systeme d'accentuation en grec ancien et en latin, dans le cadre de la phonologie metrique

From Cyclic to Lexical Phonology

  • The Structure of Phonological Representations
  • 1982

An essay on stress

An Essay on Stress presents a universal theory for the characterization of the stress patterns of words and phrases encountered in the languages of the world. The heart of the theory is constituted

A metrical theory of stress rules

Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1980.

On Stress Assignment in Two Arabic Dialects

  • A Festschrift for
  • 1973

Respecting metrical structure

The paper argues that in order to locate stress in languages such as Macedonian, Latin and Cairene Arabic, where words have one stressed syllable, it is necessary to assign metrical structure to the

A grid theory of stress in Polish

English suffixation is constrained only by selectional restrictions

This article discusses English suffixation, a type of suffix that is constrained only by selectional restrictions.

The monosyllabic head effect

This treatment of Macedonian supports the compositional analysis of antepenultimate stress and clarifies the nature of the Non-Exhaustiveness and Peripherality Conditions.