The fracture toughness of titanium-fiber-reinforced bone cement.

  title={The fracture toughness of titanium-fiber-reinforced bone cement.},
  author={L. D. Timmie Topoleski and Paul Ducheyne and John M. Cuckler},
  journal={Journal of biomedical materials research},
  volume={26 12},
Fracture of the poly(methyl methacrylate) bone cement mantle can lead to the loosening and ultimate failure of cemented total joint prostheses. The addition of fibers to the bone cement increases fracture resistance and may reduce, if not eliminate, in vivo fracturing. This study discusses the effect of incorporating titanium (Ti) fibers on fracture toughness. Essential characteristics of the composite bone cement included a homogeneous and uniform fiber distribution, and a minimal increase in… CONTINUE READING