The formation and stability of molybdenum-antimony and tungsten-antimony ternary oxides Sb2MO6, Sb2M2O9, Sb2Mo3O12 and Sb4MO9 in the gas phase (M = Mo, W). Quantum chemical and mass spectrometric studies.


The ternary oxides Sb(2)MO(6), Sb(2)M(2)O(9), Sb(4)MO(9) (M = Mo, W) and Sb(2)Mo(3)O(12) were detected in the gas phase by means of mass spectrometry (MS). These gaseous oxides are reported for the first time. Thermodynamic data was obtained experimentally and confirmed by quantum chemical (QC) calculations. In addition, structural data on these molecules… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c2dt31058a


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