The forefather (about Leonid Isaakovich Mandelstam)

  title={The forefather (about Leonid Isaakovich Mandelstam)},
  author={Evgenii L Feinberg},
  pages={81 - 100}
An essay and some private reminiscences on the life, work, public activities, and the personality of the prominent scientist who established the Moscow school of theoretical physics in the second quarter of the 20th century. 



Mathematics and physics: mother and daughter or sisters?

The unity of mathematics and physics is emphasized in a paper previously presented, in part, in 1998 at a meeting of the French Mathematical Society, and at the Russian Academy of Sciences (seminar

The 1930 Nobel Prize for Physics: A close decision?

  • R. SinghF. Riess
  • Physics, Education
    Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
  • 2001
Raman scattering (in Russia called combination scattering) was discovered in 1928 by Indian and Russian scientists, at almost the same time. In 1930, the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to the

Translated into Russian: Einstein A``Priroda real'nosti. Beseda s Rabindranatom Tagorom'' (`The nature of reality

  • Talk with Rabindranath Tagore') Sobranie Nauchnykh Trudov (Collected Scientific Works
  • 1931

in-Chief) Akademik L.I. Mandel'shtam. K 100-letiyu so Dnya Rozhdeniya (Centenary of Academician L I Mandel'shtam

  • 1979

Intuitsiya i Logika v Iskusstve i Nauke (Two Cultures. Intuition and Logic in Art and Science) (Moscow: Nauka, 1992)

  • Zwei Kulturen. Intuition und Logik in Kunst und Wissenschaft
  • 1998

Makhtumkuli (Fragi) Izbrannye Stikhi (Selected Poems) (Moscow: Khudozhestvennaya Literatura

  • 1948

in-Chief) Vospominaniya o I.E. Tamme (Reminiscences of I E Tamm)

  • 1995