The forcing geodetic number of a graph

  title={The forcing geodetic number of a graph},
  author={Gary Chartrand and Ping Zhang},
  journal={Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory},
For two vertices u and v of a graph G, the set I(u, v) consists of all vertices lying on some u − v geodesic in G. If S is a set of vertices of G, then I(S) is the union of all sets I(u, v) for u, v ∈ S. A set S is a geodetic set if I(S) = V (G). A minimum geodetic set is a geodetic set of minimum cardinality and this cardinality is the geodetic number g(G). A subset T of a minimum geodetic set S is called a forcing subset for S if S is the unique minimum geodetic set containing T . The forcing… CONTINUE READING