The fish embryo test (FET): origin, applications, and future.

  title={The fish embryo test (FET): origin, applications, and future.},
  author={Thomas Braunbeck and Britta Kais and Eva Lammer and Jens C. Otte and Katharina Schneider and Daniel Stengel and Ruben Strecker},
  journal={Environmental science and pollution research international},
  volume={22 21},
Originally designed as an alternative for the acute fish toxicity test according to, e.g., OECD TG 203, the fish embryo test (FET) with the zebrafish (Danio rerio) has been optimized, standardized, and validated during an OECD validation study and adopted as OECD TG 236 as a test to assess toxicity of embryonic forms of fish. Given its excellent correlation with the acute fish toxicity test and the fact that non-feeding developmental stages of fish are not categorized as protected stages… CONTINUE READING


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