The first scholarly South African interpretation of Wagner? Ramsden Balmforth's Fabian analysis of the Ring and Parsifal

  title={The first scholarly South African interpretation of Wagner? Ramsden Balmforth's Fabian analysis of the Ring and Parsifal},
  author={Frederick Allen Hale},
  journal={Journal of Musical Arts in Africa},
  pages={53 - 69}
  • F. Hale
  • Published 1 December 2013
  • History
  • Journal of Musical Arts in Africa
Abstract 2013 marks both the bicentenary of Richard Wagner's birth and the centenary of performances of his Ring cycle in Cape Town, which contemporary critics hailed as a noteworthy advance in the cultural life of the Mother City. In that year the first South African to write a book about Wagner, the transplanted Yorkshireman Ramsden Balmforth, crafted his Drama, Music-drama, and Religion. It is argued in the present article that his interpretation relied to an appreciable degree on George… Expand
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