The first pulsar discovered by FAST

  title={The first pulsar discovered by FAST},
  author={L. Qian and Z. Pan and Di Li and G. Hobbs and W. Zhu and P. Wang and Zhijie Liu and Y. Yue and Y. Zhu and H. Liu and Dongjun Yu and Jinghai Sun and Peng Jiang and Gaofeng Pan and H. Li and H. Gan and Rui Yao and Xiaoyao Xie and F. Camilo and A. Cameron and L. Zhang and S. Wang and Fast collaboration},
  journal={Science China Physics, Mechanics \& Astronomy},
To assist with the commissioning (Jiang et al. 2019) of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), we performed a pulsar search, with the primary goal of developing and testing the pulsar data acquisition and processing pipelines. We tested and used three pipelines, two (P1 and P2 hereafter) searched for the periodic signature of pulsars whereas the other one was used to search for bright single pulses (P3 hereafter). A pulsar candidate was discovered in the observation… Expand

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