The first-night effect may last more than one night.

  title={The first-night effect may last more than one night.},
  author={Olivier Le Bon and Luc Staner and Guy Hoffmann and Michel Dramaix and I San Sebastian and James M Murphy and Monique Kentos and Isidore Pelc and Paul Linkowski},
  journal={Journal of psychiatric research},
  volume={35 3},
The first-night effect in sleep polysomnographic studies is usually considered to last for one night. However, a few observations have indicated that variables associated to rapid eye movement sleep take longer to stabilize. Notwithstanding, current opinion holds that second nights of recording can be used without restriction for research and clinical purposes. The goal of this study was to describe the dynamics of habituation to polysomnography in optimal conditions. Twenty-six young… CONTINUE READING

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