The first description of Chiari I malformation with intuitive correlation between tonsillar ectopia and syringomyelia.

  title={The first description of Chiari I malformation with intuitive correlation between tonsillar ectopia and syringomyelia.},
  author={Martin M. Mortazavi and R. Shane Tubbs and Maja Andrea Brockerhoff and Marios Loukas and Walter Jerry Oakes},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics},
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Few are familiar with the neurological contributions of the German pathologist Theodor Langhans. Even fewer are aware of his significant and early contributions to the study of what is now known as the Chiari I malformation. In at least 4 cases, Langhans described the association between tonsillar ectopia and syringomyelia. Moreover, this early pioneer speculated that there was a cause and effect with hindbrain herniation resulting in improper flow at the craniocervical junction and consequent… Expand
The Chiari I malformation.
The authors will discuss the evolution in understanding of the Chiari malformation and distinguish between symptomatic CIM and asymptomatic tonsillar ectopia, based on imaging and presenting symptomatology, and discuss techniques for surgical intervention, expected outcomes, and complications after surgery. Expand
Otto Mennicke (1876–) and the first description of skull base anomalies causing cerebellar tonsillar ectopia: one of the first mentions of the Chiari I malformation
Otto Mennicke's role in the understanding of tonsillar ectopia and his life and connection to Hans Chiari are discussed. Expand
Adult Chiari I malformation - Clinical presentation and surgical outcomes
This thesis focuses on the following three atypical presentations of Chiari I malformations: swallowing difficulty, neuropsychological (NP) dysfunction and acute deterioration, and the impact of CMI on patient quality of life (QOL). Expand
Cystic degeneration of cerebellar tonsil one year after chiari I malformation surgery; A case report and review of article.
In cases of progressive symptoms of Chiari malformation, surgical decompression is important and should be considered after shunt insertion to the hindbrain. Expand
Are evoked potentials clinically useful in the study of patients with Chiari malformation Type 1?
The findings suggest that EPs do not add any clinically relevant information nor are they helpful in establishing which symptomatic patients with CM should undergo surgical treatment, but BAEP and SSEP studies clearly play an important role in incidentally detected patients withCM and may help to establish objective evidence of subclinical dysfunctions. Expand
Intraoperative Phase Contrast MRI Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid Velocities During Posterior Fossa Decompression for Chiari I Malformation
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) velocity at the craniovertebral junction (CVJ) is known to be altered in patients with Chiari I malformation (CMI), and normalization of CSF velocities is associated withExpand


Chiari's description of cerebellar ectopy (1891). With a summary of Cleland's and Arnold's contributions and some early observations on neural-tube defects.
It is concluded that Chiari's name should be connected with the different types of cerebellar ectopy. Expand
Hans Chiari (1851–1916)
Introduction Hans Chiari will ever be remembered in neurosurgery for his paper (Ueber Veranderungen des Kleinhirns infolge von Hydrocephalie des Grosshirns) describing what is now regarded as theExpand
Langerhans and Langhans: what's misleading in a name?
The last report from the Ministry of Justice noted exceptionally few cases of individuals who died as a result of violence or a lack of due care by custodians, but no mention was made of a need to improve the method of investigation of suspicious deaths or the systems of care in place in jails in Japan. Expand
Ueber Höhlenbildung im Rückenmark als Folge von Blutstauung
  • Prof. Theodor Langhans
  • Biology
  • Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für klinische Medicin
  • 2005
Die Veranlassung zu den folgenden Zeilen bilden vier F~ille yon Htihlenbildung in dem Rtickenmark, welche sich bei Erwachsenen im Halsund oberen Brusttheil fanden; die Hiihlen waren in dem grtisstenExpand
[In memory of J. F. F. Theodor Langhans (1839-1915)].
  • K. Holubar
  • Medicine
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On occasion of the sesquicentennial of the birth of J.F.F. Theodor Langhans, a tribute is made to his life and work.
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