The first cobalt metallacrowns: preparation and characterization of mixed-valence cobalt(II/III), inverse 12-metallacrown-4 complexes.


Aerobic reactions of Co(O(2)CMe)(2).4H(2)O with di-2-pyridyl ketone oxime (Hpko) in the presence of counterions (ClO(4)(-), PF(6-)) give the tetranuclear, mixed-valence cobalt(II/III) clusters [Co(II)(2)Co(III)(2)(OR)(2)(O(2)CMe)(2)(pko)(4)S(2)]X(2) [R = H, S = MeOH, X = ClO(4) (1); R = Me, S = EtOH, X = PF(6) (2)] depending on the solvent mixture… (More)


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