The first case of fermat’s last theorem

  title={The first case of fermat’s last theorem},
  author={D. R. Heath-Brown},
  journal={The Mathematical Intelligencer},
  • D. R. Heath-Brown
  • Published 1985
  • Mathematics
  • The Mathematical Intelligencer
  • Fermat , a r o u n d 1637, s t a ted tha t the D i o p h a n t i n e equation x n + yn = z ~ has no solutions in positive integers, if n > 2. This s tatement, which has never been p roved or d isproved, has come to be known as "Fermat 's Last T h e o r e m " (which we shall abbreviate to FLT). A considerable literature has arisen from Fermat 's a s s e r t i o n t h e interested reader should refer to the books by Edwards [3] and Ribenboim [9]. The purpose of this article is to describe some… CONTINUE READING
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